Discover the Blue Mountains with Blue Mountains Private Tour

The Blue Mountains is a gorgeous scenic area that is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. There are just so many areas to explore and fall in love around here. As you explore the Blue Mountains, you can unplug and get back to nature, explore the thriving foodie scene, and relax in the public gardens. We’ll outline the top things to do, and why considering a private tour of the area is an excellent idea.

Experience the Blue Mountains – 10 Stunning Areas

Wondering what to do in the Blue Mountains or where to go? If so, we’ve got you covered! Our list will give you the must-see spots for once-in-a-lifetime views that everyone can enjoy. 

1. Mt. Lofty Botanic Gardens

Perfect for a day trip and stunning all year ’round, Mt. Lofty Botanic Gardens is home to dozens of walking trails that criss-cross the area. You’ll be able to sit in the gardens and take in the stunning view of the Blue Mountains’ peaks. Ideally, you’d go on a clear and sunny day, but it’s stunning with low cloud coverage too. The trails are easy to hike both up and down, and they run the entire length of the gardens. 

2. Jenolan Caves

The Jenolan Caves are widely believed to be one of the oldest cave systems in the world at over 340 million years. You can tour 11 different caves, and every cave has unique highlights and things to see, ranging from fossils to underground rivers. The Temple of Baal is a popular destination, and you should give yourself time to walk around the Blue Lake if you choose to explore this cave system.

Discover Blue Mountains - Jenolan River Cave

3. Kings Tableland

For those interested in Australia’s indigenous history, Kings Tableland is the place to visit. You have the chance to camp out and meet some of the Aboriginal Gandangara people in the area. It’s the oldest Gandangara site in Australia, and it’s home to dozens of species of wildlife. You’ll be able to sit on a rock shelf and take in stunning views. You can feed the cockatoos and kangaroos along the paths by hand as well.

4. Scenic World Rides 

For those who love adventure and heights, the Scenic World Rides is one Blue Mountain attraction you simply can’t miss. The Scenic Railway descends 310-metres down into the forest for a quick, 20-minute tour. The Scenic Skyway is up next, and you enjoy a full view of the Blue Mountains from 270-meters in the air, as the Skyway takes you on a tour through Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls and Jamison Valley. Finally, the Scenic Cableway gives you a beautiful view of some of the region’s most impressive sights on the steepest cableway around. 

5. Olympic Park 

Hailed as one of the best sport and entertainment complexes in Australia, Olympic Park is just 16 miles outside of Sydney. It hosts a variety of events all year round, including the Sydney Royal Easter Show, as well as Australian Football League and Rugby Union games at ANZ Stadium. Of course, the park hosted the 2000 Olympic Games.

6. Mayfield Garden

A great day out for the entire family, Mayfield Garden sprawls over 20 hectares. You can take a walk behind the Grotto Waterfall, explore the 16.5m tall Obelisk and explore the mobility-friendly Camellia Walk. When you get hungry, stop for a delicious lunch at the Garden and enjoy produce that they grow right on site. There is also a seasonal English Box Hedge Maze to explore, and the location is perfect for a short day trip. 

7. Prince Henry Cliff Walk 

The Prince Henry Cliff Walk runs for seven km along the forest through to Leura. It takes three to four hours to walk one way, and there are dozens of points of interest and lookout spots to stop along the walk. There are a few stairs and steps, but it’s a fairly beginner-friendly route from beginning to end. You can do the entire walk, or break it up into more manageable sections, and it’s a fantastic way to see a lot of the local wildlife. 

8. Katoomba 

One of the best-known towns in the Blue Mountains region, Katoomba originated as a coal mining town. It has some of the best known walkways and rock formations in Australia, and this makes it a must-see Blue Mountains attraction. It’s a base for day trippers to stay and explore. You’ll be able to take in the host of cafes, restaurants, galleries and much more dotted around the town.

Explore the Blue Mountains - Wentworth Falls

9. Street Art

Discover street art in the Blue Mountains. This area is home to dozens and dozens of different murals and displays, the largest being in Katoomba. You can keep an eye out when you drive around for the many more eye-catching pieces that are found around the nearby area, and these feature everything from local artists to international artists. You’ll see smaller displays and large murals that take up entire building sides if you know where to look. 

10. Giant Stairway

For the physically fit, the Giant Stairway ascends just over 300 metres across hundreds of steps, giving you one of the best views in the whole of the Blue Mountains. Start by climbing down the cross over Honeymoon Bridge, and then you continue your climb along the rest of the 988 stairs. You’ll climb a combination of rock steps and steel staircases. Once you make it to the end, you can either turn around and go back the way you came, or you can continue on and do a circle.

Blue Mountains Travel Tips

Now that you know what to do in the Blue Mountains and where to go in the Blue Mountains, we’re going to tell you some essential travel tips. This will help you experience the Blue Mountains in all of the area’s glory without having common setbacks. 

Set Aside Money for Day Passes 

There are dozens of buses around the Blue Mountains that make travel very easy from point A to point B. You should plan to set aside roughly $20 for a day pass, and this will allow you to board any bus you please without a problem. The bus system operates on an hourly circuit to each of the 27 main attractions in the Blue Mountains.

 Discover Blue Mountains - Leura townshipsBook Accommodations Early 

Unless you go with a tour company, you’ll need to book accommodations for your stay. There are around 100 self-contained cottages that you can stay in, but you want to book early. The first snowfall brings a wave of people who want to stay. This could result in you scrambling for places to stay unless you book early.

Try for a Weekday Trip 

Since discovering the Blue Mountains area is so popular, you want to plan for a weekday holiday if it’s possible. This will help you avoid the congestion that comes with the weekend rush. Staying Sunday through to Thursday will enable you to enjoy steeply discounted rates on your accommodations as well! 

Add a Touch of Luxury 

The Blue Mountains is home to the exclusive One&Only Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa. This luxury hotel comes designed to be a wildlife conservation-based resort, and it comes made up of free-standing suits. You can book a night or two, and then simply relax surrounded by a pristine conservation park and a variety of animals. 

Try the Food 

Exploring the Blue Mountains means trying a host of foods because this area is well-known for all of the different cuisines. The organic food movement is very strong in this area, and you’ll be able to get a huge range of foods from around the world ranging from Italian to Indian and everything in between. The bakeries usually feature small tables, and there are dozens of child-friendly dishes here.

Why Take a Private Tour of the Blue Mountains

A good guided and private tour is one way to enhance your holiday and experience the Blue Mountains and the surrounding areas. First, you’re almost guaranteed to have a fantastic time because private tour companies like to have satisfied and repeat customers. They’ll go all out to make your experience a great one from start to finish.

It’s also much easier to get to certain places in the Blue Mountains with a private tour than it is on your own. For example, maybe you want to explore an area at dusk. It would be better to do this with several people for safety’s sake. It’s also safer in general because there are always people from your tour group around watching out for you.

Your tour company is the one that has to organise everything and make sure that your tour goes smoothly from start to finish. This removes a lot of stress from your whole experience, and it allows you to relax and enjoy the entirety of your holiday.

Your tour guide can also take you to places that only locals would know. In turn, you get more out of each tour you take. If you’d like to book your own private tour of the Blue Mountains, reach out and get in touch today!

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