Top Reasons to Choose a Private Tour of Sydney

Perhaps you love immersing yourself in the local culture and spirit. Maybe you are mad about the outdoors and mostly interested in the wildlife and natural attractions. Or it could be you are a water baby who adores everything about beaches and the ocean, or a history buff who loves to explore all manner of landmarks. Whatever you are into, Sydney is the perfect destination for you.

There is so much to do in and around Sydney that you could spend a year here and still not have time to explore everything this stunning city has to offer. And because there is so much to choose from, many visitors choose to experience the numerous delights with a guided tour. The only problem with these tours is that they are are designed to attract as many people as possible.

They’ll include a little taste of everything, including things you may have very little or no interest in. Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds with private tours. If you’ve never considered a private tour before, there here are just a few advantages that may help you decide.

Advantages of a Sydney Private Tour

Top Reasons to Choose a Private Tour of Sydney

It’s a private tour

With Sydney Private Tours you get a private tour guide and a private vehicle for your tour group. This might be just you on your own, your family, or a small group of friends or colleagues.

It’s not a whistle-stop tour with a strict schedule you have to stick to in order to get everywhere within a time limit. There are no awkward conversations or lengthy delays. There’s no stopping at some shopping destination you’re not interested in because the tour company has a partnership with them.

Did we mention the private tour guide and private vehicle? Instead of having to listen to someone yelling at you over a megaphone, you can have one on one conversations with your guide. They’re usually lifetime locals who can tell you all sorts of interesting information about your destination that there just isn’t the time or place for with a group tour.

Private tours are personalised

With a city like Sydney that has so much to offer, tour operators have an endless list of attractions to choose from. And they try to cater for as many interests as they can. But how do you choose just one? Maybe this tour goes to a few places you’d like but has some you’re not interested in. Or maybe that one is designed for your personal interests, but you’d like to visit a few other places as well.

With a private tour, you get to pick and choose the attractions you’d like to see. Many private tour companies will offer a basic itinerary, like our Hunter Valley Private Wine Tours. But these are simply a starting point. They aren’t set in stone and you can customise them however you like. Spend an hour at a place you love, for example, instead of just 15 minutes.

Skip that attraction that doesn’t really interest you or one you’ve already seen. Chatting to your tour guide and they tell you about a place that isn’t on your official itinerary but that you’d love to visit? Then go ahead and experience it! Whatever your interests or hobbies – your private tour provider can help you design the perfect trip. So ask for suggestions, because their local knowledge means they’ll have tons of hidden gems to share with you!

Private tours are personalised

Private tours cater to your budget

Many believe that private tours are too expensive for them to consider. Surely hiring a private guide and a private vehicle means it has to cost more, right? But the thing with a private tour is that you’re choosing what to include on your itinerary. And all you have to do is tell your chosen private tour company what your budget is, and they’ll make suggestions that take it into account.

Every single destination is handpicked for and by you. Our Southern Highlands private tour has an overnight stay option, so we’ll choose a hotel based on your budget. Maybe you’d really like to have a meal at that top-rated restaurant and you’re happy to cut out the luxury hotel to fit this in. A private tour is all about what you want.

So whatever your budget is, whatever you absolutely have to include in your tour – a private tour guide will work with you to plan an itinerary that suits you and your pocket!

Private tours cater to your budget

Enjoy a variety of exclusive perks

A lot of tour operators offer a range of exclusive perks that are available to them through partnerships with local businesses and travel associations. This may mean you get a discount on something you’d really like or exclusive access that no one else can offer.

Private tour companies cater to smaller parties and will work with local businesses and associations to find perks that cater to these more exclusive groups. These perks can vary, and they won’t always be listed on the website, so contact the providers you’re interested in and ask what they can provide!

In some cases, your private tour guide may even be able to arrange a special perk just for you. This could be something like meeting the head chef at that fancy restaurant you just had to visit, or backstage passes to meet some of the performers at a local festival. All you have to do is ask, and your private tour provider will do their very best to make it happen for you!

How to Choose the Best Private Tour Company

There are dozens of private tour companies in Sydney, and not all of them will be able to offer exactly what you’re looking for. So, if you’re not sure how to choose from among the many offers out there, here are a few quick tips to help you decide:

What is the main thing you want from your private tour?

Not every tour company will offer every type of tour. Some will cater to the outdoors, some will focus on gastronomy tours. So start with only those companies that already offer something you’re looking for.

What is your budget?

This might be the most important factor, so find out what the average price of a private tour with each company is. Remember that your tour can be adjusted to accommodate your budget, but if the basic package already costs more than you’re willing to spend, then chances are it simply will not do.

How open is the company to change its itinerary?

Not every private tour company provides the option to customise your tour, or do more than just change how much time you spend at each stop. So call them to find out just how much tailoring they’re willing to do and how flexible they are to last-minute changes.

Private guide can customise your tour

What do other people say?

The very best way to find out about a private tour company is through word of mouth. Now, unless your friends are all world travelling jet setters, the best way to do that is through online reviews. Visit TripAdvisor and see what anyone there has to say about each of your tour candidates, see if there are any reviews on their Google business listing, and check any local attraction or accommodation booking sites such as Viator as well.

What You’ll Experience With Our Private Tours

Here at Sydney Private Tours, we have seven different basic packages to choose from, each lasting around 10 hours. Some are longer due to travelling times to the main highlights of each tour, and others are a little shorter. With every tour, you’re getting the benefit of a local guide who will share all their insider knowledge and do their best to make your trip a memorable one.

Every tour also includes a lunch, any admission fees that might apply to your tour and travelling to each stop in a luxurious private vehicle. Some of our tours can be extended into an overnight trip if you like, and each private tour offers a variety of additional options to enhance your entire trip.

These range from a behind the scenes tour of the Sydney Opera House and seafood lunch while cruising the Sydney Harbour with our Sydney City tour, or enjoying a degustation lunch with wine pairings on our Hunter Valley Private Wine tour and several other options designed to showcase the best each of our tour destinations have to offer.

Of course, we’re always happy to plan a custom tour itinerary for you so contact us with any questions you might have! We want to share our love of Sydney with you and we’ll go out of our way to make sure that your private tour of Sydney and everything New South Wales has to offer is an experience that you’ll be raving about for years to come!

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